Hpv positive abnormal smear

Hi all ,
My first time on here struggling to use it so bare with me :confused: just some advice on smear results I recieved them 10 days after smear via my doctor ringing me in work to say they were abnormal n positive (second year running) for hpv and to have a urgent colposcopy and treatment ? Sounds very scary to me and thought it was a bit much over the phone , that same day colposcopy rang and booked me in ! Has anyone else shared the same ? I think it’s the unknown that is freaking me out ! I also have a follow up appointment from my recent diagnostic lap which has been bought forward so I can honestly say my anxiety levels are through the roof ! Excuse me going on. Thanks in advance X. X
Diagnosed 2009/2015 endometriosis and diverticulosis
2015 HPV positive
2016 HPV positive abnormal smear colposcopy

Hi Daisychain:

Welcome! Glad you found us. 

All this is very worrying but very very common.  All the women on here have had abnormal paps so we all know how you're feeling. So, first of all, well done you for going for your smear. The absolute best thing to have done so good for you.

The next step after an abnormal pap is to find out exactly what's going on, so that's why the colposcopy. You can read load of posts on the "colposcopy"board which will tell you exactly what will happen when you go so you know what to expect.

Once that's done and the doctor gets the results you'll know exactly what treatment you will get to sort you out.

I'm not going to say "don't worry"because of course you will worry, just as we all worried when we were where you are. I will say, try not to think the worse.  Take one step at a time.

Jump on here and chat with us if it helps.  Keep us posted as to when you go for your appoointments so that we can support you.

Take care


Thank you for your reply , i am at a separate follow up appt today so will update later , thank you for you reassurance means alot xx

were your smears yearly or 3 to 5 if you dont mind me asking xx