Hpv positive + abnormal cell. With long term relationship

I went for a smear tear and my results come back as hpv positive and abnormal cell.
Iv been in a 10 year relationship and had 2 children.
I sometimes get pain after sexual activity.
I also get a random dull aches.

I’m currently waiting on a letter to go for a colposcopy test. Im so scared.

I also don’t no how to tell my partner I am hpv positive. And would he need to be tested ect…

Thank you

Hi @Bumblebee1

It would be highly likely that your husband also has hpv, but as there is no test for men it’s not possible to know for sure.

Try not to panic too much about the colposcopy-it will allow a better examination of your cervix and identification of the abnormal cells. You may not need any treatment as these can regress naturally and go away. Hope you don’t have too long to wait for your appointment and some answers.

Can I just ask how long the colposcopy takes? I’ve got mine this afternoon and I’m so nervous. X

I had a colposcopy for the first time yesterday and it was around 5-10 minutes.
I hope your appointment goes well. x

Thank you :blush: x

Thank you.
I got my appointment through it is not Until November 28th so a long hard wait.

Thank you for your replies.

So I had my results back and I have hpv and CIN3 and need treatment in 5 weeks time. I am so scared that it might of turned into cc, I get random pains in my pelvis and really heavy periods. I am sick with worry.