HPV Positive 23 year realtionship

Hi there, i have just received a diagnosis of HPV. I am 39 years old and 7 months post partum on my 3rd child. I live in Ireland so have never been tested for HPV previously as they have only been testing for HPV the last few years. My last smear test was 2019 and no abnormal cells were detected. I had a smear in 2022 when not enough cells were collected, i was meant to have a repeat smear but was pregnant at that stage so then had it there at the end of August and as i say it has come back positive for HPV. I am in a 23 year relationship and was a virgin before that, has my partner been unfaithful? Is it possible he had it prior to 23 years ago and gave it to me after we got together? Is there any way i got it in any other way other then from my partner?

It is a tricky situation. If you have never slept with anyone else in your life then yes the scenarios are 2: either your husband slept with other people before you, or during. You can ask him if he had more partners before you and then you can figure it out :slight_smile: