HPV pos + added condition

Good morning. September 2022 I was told I am HPV positive with no abnormal cells and 31st October 2022 I was also diagnosed with Adenomyosis ( which causes * heavy periods that last for a long time * severe period pain

  • a feeling of pressure in your tummy * bloating (your tummy sticks out more than normal)… Recently I have been experiencing all of these minus the heavy bleeding and I get alot of pain in my groin area and pelvic pains and pains in my lower back and legs and sometimes I get pains and discomfort down below ( which sometimes felt like having a UTI ) I had made an appointment with a doctor and I had to do a vaginal swap which came back all clear, and then they booked me in for another for another ultrasound internal scan for 31st march 23… this is all affecting my mental health because it seems to be one thing after another and my mind is doing over time and I just seem to relax. I’m panicking because I don’t know if my symptoms that I am experiencing is to do with my HPV positive or Adenomyosis… I’m thankful that I’m having another ultrasound internal scan but also I’ve got to wait until my next smear test which isn’t until 20th August 2023 ( either on or around this date)

Just keep getting so emotional because I don’t know what is doing on which leads my anxiety to take over…

I have adenomyosis and all the symptoms you describe are the same as what I had .
Nothing was done for me as i was diagnosed with the condition late 40s and going into the menopause.
Y syptoms were
Pain down legs
In groins
Swollen tummy
Bleeding every two weeks
Felt sick with the pain
Heavy clots
Changed sanitary wear every half hour.
Wear dark clothes.

Does not sound like hpv has this mostly has no sypmtoms it states on some of the messages on here

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Thank you so much for replying to me… it really is reassuring to hear this… seems to be a daily struggle of pain every day and having two things to worry about is really overwhelming…xx

Your welcome obvs if anything is or does get worse always get checked.
My symptoms were exactly the same as yours for adenmyosis.
Your welcome xx

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Also you i dont think u can stay on ibruprofen for too long so make sure you stick to the limit
I used hot water bottles and just rested on those days i was bleeding

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also when I got diagnosed with adenomyosis, all the doctors said to me was it’s nothing to worry about and to take ibuprofen for the pain which I haven’t been doing but I’ve had to recently tell the doctors that the pains are getting worse and now they have booked me in for an ultrasound internal scan for this month on the 31st xx

Yes i had a TVS scan and they could see the adenomyosis
They give regular scans for this .