HPV & Perimenopause

Hi im 52 and suffer from fibromyalgia and cfs since 2006, diagnosed 2008,have been perimenopausal for years due to this i have had irregular bleeds most of the time. Periods have always been irregular since my first son in 1997 anywhere from 25 - 38days, done many pregnancy tests because of this even after using protection.
So i missed a smear in 2017 and didn’t know until the smear form came through saying that i had and one was set up for me last year. 2020.
Smear came back with HPV & high risk cells, needed a colposcopy but it was not very clear in showing where the problem was when they were investigating . I was then told that they wanted me to come back in and have a loop to make double sure. Which is where they found small changes, removed that. Told to have a smear in 6 mths, that came back again with hpv & cell changes. So they wanted to do a deeper check into the neck of the womb instead and used a stronger iodine, from this i was told that they could not find anything wrong. Which i was thankful for. But they wanted another smear from that colposcopy. That again still showed small charges. They are now going to keep an eye on me and I will be going back to see them again. i cant remember if its 6 or 8 mths time, but as they are struggling with finding where the cell changes are I’ll be having regular checks.
Since 25th February 2021 ive had no bleed for nearly 8mths (short of 10 days), i was happier in myself, and thankful that im coming to the end of the monthly cycles,had normal monthly period pains during this time but that’s been it and wasn’t argumentative or irritable like i normally was.
But bam i had a bleed, having to wear 2 long length pads as it’s heavy for 3days very painful and absolutely shattered & finished after 6days. Pains consistently from start of that bleed to another bleed that comes 21days after the first day of that 1st bleed and another 18days after that 1st day of the 2nd bleed. So 3 bleeds in 5 wks, some very heavy days and just when I wipe, but alot on the tissue ! Dont know if its a coincidence but i have found that the pain has been all from my last colposcopy after the male colposcopist searched high into the neck of the womb & uterus as they couldn’t find where the HPV cells were. I remember hearing him asking the nurse for the extra strong iodine. He hurt me and I should have reported it as i was hurting so much with the iodine he used. I was on fire inside & He burnt all my bottom and i was crying telling him that i was burning inside he ended up getting flustered trying to cool my inners down with water to water down the solution he used. I couldn’t stop shaking and could hardly walk leaving that room. It was very traumatic. It took me nearly a wk to heal inside and out. Since all this, my groin pain has been worse and I have had pains in my back and side and have had urine tests which showed microscopic blood in it. I was given antibiotics, the test after that came back clear and then I had another a few days later requested by my own dr only to be called in by her and told my tests had shown microscopic blood again, i have been referred for an emergency appointment with an urologist, waited 4wks and still didn’t hear from the hospital and eventually get through its going to take 13mths before I get seen, from the April 2021 referral . My own Dr’s face looked worried yet its taking that long to be seen by someone doesn’t make sense.
These 3 periods in 5wks has knocked me for six especially with the consistent pain ontop of my fibromyalgia pain and cfs. Ive been in my bed more these last few weeks as ive just not wanted to get up. I don’t know if this is normal as far as the bleeds go thats why i posted on here as getting a Drs appointment is ridiculous since covid hit the world.
If u get through and respond to my message /story thank you.
Sorry its so long :confused::heart: