Hpv on 2 smear tests

I just wanted some advice. I have had 2 smear tests over 2 year and both have showed hpv. I had a colposcopy and biopsy showed cin1 at first. I also had other symptoms and seen a consultant and was diagnosed with vin1 which I am due to be reviewed end of novemeber. In the mean time I have had another colposcopy due to hpv and a smear result that showed moderate dyskaryosis. When they checked they said it seemed to be cin1 so done more biopsies. I received a letter last week to say it confirmed cin1 with koiliocytosis which did not match smear result. They said my case will be discussed in weekly meeting to see management plan. I am worried sick as not heard anymore, has anyone else had this?


The weekly meetings are usually held with with different specialists so they can discuss cases and ensure the correct plan of care and treatment is offered for each individual case. Meetings are often referred to as MDT meetings (multidisciplinary team). 

I suspect they want to discuss your case as you’ve mentioned the biopsies do not correspond with the smear. They will want to make sure that they are not missing anything and get the right plan of action for you, try not to worry it’s good they’re being thorough.