Hpv negative cells not checked

Hi all hope you are all
Ok, just a quick question as I’m very confused and a bit concerned

I had a routine smear test done 2 weeks ago, 1st one since having abnormal cells removed 3 years ago, by laser (and was Hpv positive at the time), the results have come back as hpv negative, which I’m really happy about, but concerned about the fact no cells have been checked and that they only check cells for abnormalities if you are Hpv positive

Seeing as though I have suffered with abnormal cells and had them removed I’m worried that I could actually have abnormal cells like before but this time they have not been checked so will be left and maybe turn into something bad, they said I have to have another routine smear in 2025

Hi @cazzy1519

They do this since HPV is what causes CC and the abnormal cells the smear looks out for, without an active high risk HPV infection those abnormal cells wont happen it’s a reaction to the virus… since you are HPV negative right now there wouldn’t be any cell changes to be concerned about which is why they weren’t checked x

although it’s all very confusing for us and we might not like the timeframes we’re given it’s perfectly safe, these changes if they do happen take several years to develop and then another several to turn into CC, so even if it were to reactivate between now and then it’s extremely unlikely it would have caused anything ominous before your next recall xx

Thanks for the reply, while I’m glad is negative, it would have been nice for them to have checked the cells since they was abnormal before, I know the abnormal ones were removed and the sample had a clear margin but it’s just reassuring to know that yes you haven’t got hpv but also that you haven’t got abnormal cells aswell :woman_facepalming:t3:

Yeah it would be great to have it there in black and white, I like to know what’s going on and when lol I’m still waiting for a LLETZ result for CIN3 from over 6 week ago :sweat_smile: x

it’s scary when you’ve had abnormalities in the past and needed treatment, but it really would be safe for you to assume that although they didn’t test the cells, because you are negative for the virus and they know CIN can’t and doesn’t happen or progress without HPV being active, that you don’t have abnormal cells… testing the cells with a negative HPV result would be an unnecessary test with them already knowing there wouldn’t be any present xx

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Thank you and all the best for your results, it’s the WORST waiting for results, things are taking so long nowadays, I had mine done 3 years ago now I don’t think the wait was that king just felt like months x

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Hi, I’m in a similar position to you. Had CIN3 with LLETZ about 8 years ago. Last smear before they’ve phased out the cytology part of the screening, showed mild changes but HPV negative. Next smear I asked if there was any way cells could be checked and was told no, not unless you’re HPV positive. This was a year ago. I was HPV negative so no cytology again. It’s been playing on my mind that nobody has checked the cells and just to reassure myself, I did a Superdrug HPV test fully expecting a negative result (had no new partners) but was horrified to get a positive result! Now in a total panic and have today booked a private gynaecology consultation with smear test with cytology (£275). Had really hoped that awful stage of my life was over but here we go again. Just wanted to say that if private might be an option for you (and I absolutely hate the idea privilege and of queue jumping) that it might be worth the peace of mind that it brings. I imagine there are lots of other ladies who had abnormal cells previously who are now left wondering due to the lack of cytology.

Yea I see what your saying although I have no idea what my cells are doing as I was Hpv negative so they haven’t even tested my cells
I think it’s bad really if people had previously had abnormal cells I think they should check, but they claim you can’t have abnormal cells without Hpv- but I’m not convinced

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