HPV negative after four years

Hi All,

Thought i would write this as i first tested postive for HPV for three years. After the second time i went for a colposcopy, the nurse didnt do a biopsy, she said ( and i saw my cervix on the screen) that they looked healthy and didnt need to do a biopsy. I just had to have another smear test next year.

Fast forward a year i again tested positive for HPV, still no abnormalities. I was really dissapointed and quite worried.

I decided to start taking folic acid, reduced my alcohol intake signicantly and started drinking rheal powder drinks. I went for my smear test two weeks ago and last week i received a letter saying i am HPV negative.

I was so shocked but also relieved by this, unsure if the changes i made were what helped but thought i would share on here as i know how worrying it can be x


Hello. Congrats! My next pap will be on 27th. It’s my 3rd times pap. 2 years no abnormal cells but hpv positive. Hoping this coming next pap will be negative. I also take folic acid everyday and exercise also. Did you you do anything to improve your immune system ?

Hey, i hope it goes well on the 27th, i didnt do anything else really accept i altered my diet and tried to eat more healthy x

Did you have to use condones with your partner to get it negative or you carried on as normal?

Hi Beth. Just got done my Pap smear yesterday, will see the result. Quick question, have you done LEEP procedure?


No i never had the LLETZ procedure, i had a colposcopy but didnt end up having a bioposy, just told return in a year for my smear.

Oh ok. You gave me so much hope. I haven’t don’t biopsy either just only colposcopy. And the result was no abnormal cells for 2 years. How old are you? If you don’t mind.

Hi, im 29.

I was suprised when i tested negative for HPV especially as i had it for four years but i hope the changes i made were what made a difference for me but i cant be totally sure.

I hope it all goes well for you x

Hi Beth, did you do you anything to improve your immune system? Or did you have any abnormal cells ?

Hi , i just took folic acid, reduced my alcohol intake, started drinking vitamin drinks and went to the gym more often.

Oh that’s great! Thanks for sharing. I take folic acid everyday, also folic acid shots. No alcohol, no cigarettes, and I exercise 20 minutes mostly evryday . I hope it will work for me too.

I hope it does too! :crossed_fingers:t4:

Hi Beth
Hope all is well! I finally got my result and it’s negative ! Wohooooi. I’m so happy today! No HPV and no abnormal cells!

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Hey that’s great news!

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