HPV negative after 7 long years

Hi everybody,

First of all, sending love and light to you all. I had hpv about 30 years ago, I’m 49 go infected with warts with my first boyfriend. Had a cutting edge doctor, had laser treatment and shots of interferon and never had any issues for 20 some odd years. Had a new relationship and was told “after” he had hpv, I then developed a high risk form which rendered my paps alwasy abnormal, or ascus. I did not have warts. Luckily min never required leep or anything else other than pap and colposcopy every year.

Last year again my hpv was positive, pap normal though. At that time I developed a vegan diet. Last week my results for pap were HPV Neg and Pap was fine!!! I couldn’t believe it, I really couldn’t. I still had some stress and depression which I am very sure contributed to my overall immune health for the last few years as well. But I am so elated and grateful for my hpv neg results.

I also had a urine lab test for something else and my doc said my ph (alkalinity) was high, I thought OMG its bad to be too high, which our body does need a healthy balance. But my doc said no, my high is a good high and is likely my vegan diet. We all know that cancer can’t live in an acid environment. And that we all strive to have an alkaline body. I have no doubt that my diet played a significant role in clearing my hpv at least for right now. My ph was 9 and that is slightly higher than the lab values showed in normal range, but again doc said it was “good”.

So I wanted to share with you about what helped me. Vegan is hard to follow and not everyone is going to do that. Maybe though my story will help you finding ways to “alkaline” your diet.

I do eat 2 cloves raw galric 3-4 times a week, drink green MATCH tea, eat a plant based diet and also drink warm lemon juice with turmeric everyday.

“meat is highly acidic” and I truly believe eating healthy is a huge part of beating this “thing”

Hope that helps!!


I want to be hpv negative too! I've been positive for 2.5 years.

I also changed my lifestyle recently, hope it helps!

I'll try raw garlic :)

Do you mind telling me who treated your warts with interferon please?