HPV Negative after 20 years plus!

Hi Ladies, I just wanted to come on and share some positive news. I got the results of my first vault smear yesterday. Brilliant news, I don’t have any abnormal cells and I am negative for HPV. I am over the moon as I am just about to turn 43 and although I only discovered I was HPV positive last year, I have been with my husband since I was 21 so I suspect I have been HPV positive for over 20 years, possibly lying dormant. I feared I would be living with it forever. Thank you so much for all your support…. this time last year I was filled with anxiety after a biopsy revealed CIN 3 and CGIN. I also required a hysteroscopy to determine if there was anything more sinister, thankfully there wasn’t but I was strongly advised to get a hysterectomy which took place in Nov 2021. I know how lucky I’ve been as my hysterectomy still showed CGIN in my womb. Don’t give up hope ladies of clearing the virus :crossed_fingers:. I hope it’s gone forever. x


So happy for you Lynnie1!!


So pleased for you. :pray:

It is great to hear this positive news. I am HPV positive and believe I have been for around 15 years and starting my LLETZ journey next week. Thanks for sharing x

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