hpv :( need help

Confused need help dont no what to do  a few yra ago I had abnormal smear colposcopy cin three removed by lletz

Everything fine yrly smears clear anyway just gone back late as ive had baby smear results clear but hpv fpund

How the hell has that happened nothing  about hpv was mentioned on original colposcopy or smear resuts 

Can it just suddenly appear like that now what ive got another colposcopy im.supposed to make an appointment for 

Wwhat will they do is there any point  to going  will it just have popped up.out of nowhere 

Oh btw she did a swab alongsode smear cos id had a bleeding cervix never had one done before is it possible the swab picked it up and surly it woukd have show hpv in my original smear afew yra ago

My understanding is that hoc comes before any abnormalities. So you would of had hpv before but it went in to cause cin3. Now you are just showing positive for hpv. It’s a bit like having flu and a runny nose. You had flu and they sorted it now you’ve got a runny nose which may it may not turn into flu. I’m sure with yr hpv status now they will keep a close eye on you. I’m ok expert just my understanding from reading around it.


They have only just started to test for HPV within the last year which is why you wouldn’t have known about it before. HPV is something everyone comes into contact with once they become sexually active, some of us fight it off and an unlucky few don’t which is what then leads to abnormal cells etc.
The great thing is they have picked it up and will now be keeping a close eye on you.
They now have a vaccine to protect girls from getting HPV, I have a little girl and as soon as she is old enough she will be having it.
Hope that’s helped,
Jade x

Yeah my daughter had the hov vaccine but why the need for a colposcopy theyve told me I need one zz

But surley when to I wwnt for my xolposxoy before in 08 theyd have done it as routine having shown cin three ?? Soery for quesrions xx

But surley when to I wwnt for my xolposxoy before in 08 theyd have done it as routine having shown cin three ?? Soery for quesrions xx

Oh n how do u get rid of it


Having HPV means you are at higher risk of abnormalities so the colposcopy is just an extra check and more thorough than the smear test. As to how to get rid, I don’t really know the answer but I imagine that for as long as you are HPV positive they will keep an eye on you.
I also had abnormalities back in 2009, unfortunately I did end up with cancer as you can see from my summary. I’ve never been HPV tested (my smear was in July 2013 and I wasn’t tested- it’s that new), even once the cancer was picked up. 99% of cervical cancers are caused by HPV so it is just assumed that I’ve had HPV at some point and not fought it off. That said, it does not mean you have or will get cervical cancer. It just means an increased risk.

I really hope that’s helped to answer some of your questions. Try not to panic, hard I know but it’s really in your best interests going back for another colposcopy. Xx

Sorry me going on ... does hpv cause random bleeding n pain in cervix cos ivr had all of these done habing my baby 15 weeks ago section not normal so I csmt rbrn blsme that

That’s fine!!
As far as I’m aware, it wouldn’t cause those symptoms so make sure you mention them at your colposcopy appointment. Even though you didn’t have a vaginal birth, I’m sure it still causes a lot of trauma down there with having to pass all the yucky post birth stuff (can’t remember the name lol) plus having carried a baby.
There are many things that can cause your cervix to bleed so please try not to worry xx