HPV mRNA E6/E7 Reflex for 16, 18/45

I’m not sure if I understand my recent result.

My pap is positive for ASC-US undetermined significance (understood).

Then, they ordered HPV test which was also positive and also added the reflex 16, 18/45 to check for genotyping I believe.

Well my HPV result through QUEST says:

Reference Range: Not Detected

Sooo which is it? Or does this just mean tested positive for one of the 14 strains the test was looking at but negative for 16,18,45 ?

Hi Dragonlady
I think you will need to ask your doctor for clarification.
E6/E7 has been detected which are the proteins that HPV produces when it has been an infection that has hung around for a while

As for the ‘not detected’ reference range I am not sure what that means. Are you located outside the UK? Our results just say whether or not HPV has been detected

Thank you for the reply. Yes, I’m in the states. But I did get to talk to the nurse today who told me that I should get a coploscopy as I also had ASCUS cells from my pap.

She also ordered the genotyping to see if it is HPV 16, 18 or 45.

Could you be positive for one of those and a copolscopy be normal? What exactly are they looking for.

OK, that is why your results are reported differently
We don’t type strains here, or report ASCUS, thank you for clarifying.

Please understand I am not a scientist but I have read several papers mostly around HPV clearance and testing but I did find a study done in the UAE where I will quote one of the figures about colposcopy

“Colposcopy was performed in 34% (n=134) patients with ASCUS. Normal colposcopy was reported in 43% patients and only 1.5% of them had colposcopy features of high grade CIN“

Overall 93% of those with ASCUS had normal histology according to a table in that study but I couldn’t find how they came to that conclusion (other than the women that had colposcopy in the quote above)

So that’s not to say that you definitely won’t have any high grade changes but the numbers are in your favour!