HPV, low grade dyskaryosis and heavy periods


New to the site, I was diagnosed with HPV last year at my routine smear (no abnormal cells detected) and had my repeat smear a few weeks back. Received a letter yesterday saying HPV still there and low-grade dyskaryosis, referral being made for a colposcopy.

Looking online … etc has been very reassuring however my niggling gut instinct can’t shake that something is wrong.

For a bit of background I went on the combined pill at 14/15 due to heavy, painful and irregular periods, this sorted them out and I was on the pill for 9yrs. I took a break because I felt like my body wasn’t agreeing to it anymore, periods regulated and were ‘normal’. I tried the pill again when I met my now husband, it didn’t agree with me so came off of it.
I had only 1 cycle between having my first baby to falling pregnant for my second (so couldn’t gage how my periods were!) and after my second they became heavy but regular. After my third they became unbearable, literally flooding for days on end.
I tried the coil but that was a disaster, but did manage to convince my dr to let me have an ablation. Had the ablation earlier this year, initially no period then they came back but super light & regular.
I did though notice a change in discharge around ovulation which has progressively got worst and my last period I had a couple of surges of bleeding - cue anxiety building up! I decided this month to keep a daily diary of discharge … etc and make a GP appt when my smear results came back.

I’ll be calling the GP this week to discuss, but wanted to see if anyone else has linked heavy periods (no fibroids detected on scans) to HPV and vitamin deficiency? I put the vitamin deficiency down to the periods draining me but my nails are still bad despite taking vit c, zinc, magnesium, vit d and iron (when I feel I need it) for a couple of yrs now.

I’ve been very tearful and the anxiety is bubbling away! I want the colposcopy and results yesterday but know I need to be patient especially with NHS waiting times at the moment.

Sorry for the super long post if you’ve been patient enough to read all of it!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Roseylee

Many of us including myself have convinced ourselves our symptoms must be down to the abnormal smear results, but this is simply not the case… high risk HPV and CIN have no symptoms that have been linked to it, there are studies that link irregularities to vitamin deficiencies

There can be many reason that cause irregular bleeding and discharge, a cervical ectropion can cause bleeding between periods and excessive discharge… you may even just simply have a hormonal imbalance but HPV and CIN, even early CC would not cause these symptoms, it would also be extremly unlikly you had CC with a low grade smear xx


Thank you for much for replying :slight_smile:

Head goes all over the place then I start over analysing everything! Hopefully I’ll get an appt letter soon even if the appt is weeks away having a date will settle my mind.

Thanks again, I’ll be calling the GP to speak about everything and hopefully get reassurance on my discharge … etc xx

Have you been tested for endometriosis?


No they haven’t ever investigated for endometriosis, when I was a young teenager they said if the pill didn’t work then they would. Now as an adult they’ve done internal scans … etc and just marked it down as heavy periods. My periods are regular as clockwork.