HPV like features on biopsy

Hi there, I’m wondering if someone can explain to me what my cervical biopsy result mean. Thanks

I have been having post coital bleed since May 2022 which has never happened before. When I had my smear they said I have a large ectropion.

The smear done in august 2022 showed mild changes and high risk HPV and I had a colposcopy with biopsy on 21/11/22.

The biopsy result says ectocervical tissue with HPV like features. No cin.

Does it mean everything go is ok? When they say HPV like features what do they mean?

Thanks a lot. I am very confused

Hi @Chrissie

It seems that they have found no precancerous changes in your sample just the HPV which is great! the ectocervix is just the name for the outer surface of the cervix, it just confirms that the sample does contain HPV in the cells but it hasnt caused any abnormalities

The ectropion is highly likely the culprit thats caused your bleed xx

Thanks a lot Tinkerbelle29. It’s such a relief as I’m trying for my first baby at 42. I don’t have much time left and if I had to have treatment then it would be devastated.