HPV....just a quick question for you all!!

Hi to you all!!! Been loitering here for a week now, made the mistake of trying Dr Google first which fills you full of fear & dread...and now I've found Jo's trust there's such a lovely atmosphere that I'm able to control the crazy anxiety I've been feeling!

I have just undergone a colposcopy, biopsy & Lletz all in one joyous appointment.....initial smear was borderline and no one including my consultant expected that I would need cells removed that day & all she would say was they were pretty bad..so I have no idea at this stage what type of cells they were, I assume not CIN 1 as from what I've read I probably wouldn't have had the Lletz?

So as I'm patiently waiting for the results, I remembered (just before I fled that little room about to burst into floods of tears) that the Dr did mention that although I have the HPV virus, it is not strain 16 or 18 and those are the most high risk ones. As a result I'm totally hanging my hat on that tiny piece of info and hoping that I'm not going to get bad news.....

I just wondered though, is that maybe a little naive of me, does any one with a recent diagnosis know if they carried HPV and if so was it either of those "high risk" strains?

Thank you for letting me crash ur forum!

Claire xxx


Sorry to hear you re going through all this. Good luck for your results being all clear.

I know I had HPV with my CIN1 found back in 2003. No idea what strain as never thought to ask (Well actually they never told me I had it but I knew as worked in Oathology and saw my lab results on paper). Once you have HPV though, it never truly goes away. Virus' can lie dormant in your body if you manage to fight them off, but can rear their ugly heads at a later date.

In my more recent treatment, reference has been made to LLETZ helping my body to fight of HPV So I defo have the virus though again no idea what strain (could be more than one). If a person has severe abnormal changes then they almost certainly have HPV. Also there are other strains besides 16 and 18 that also cause cancer.


Hi, thank you so much 4 your reply!

Yea it seems that nothing is just as black & white that I'm trying to make it! my mind is definitely running away with itself!

Huge best wishes to you waiting on your MRI, it's the waiting that is the hardest! Will be thinking of you xx