HPV Itching

I just got diagnosed with HPV and am waiting for scheduling of my colposcopy.  I am 63 and have had an abnormal pap.  They took a blood test also and found me positive for herpes simplex 1.  I’ve had no symptoms, no warts but I’ve had vaginal itching for the last 6 months. Do you think the Itching is due to the HPV.  Is there any medicine that can be prescribed for the itching.  I’m currently using Estradiol but no improvement. I’ve been on steroid creams and estrogen creams but nothing helps.  I am so worried and just want to cry.  I haven’t a lot of partners and not sure when I contracted it.  Please help.  





I dont know that HPV causes itching. I've been HPV positive for 9+ years and have never had symptoms. 

So sorry that you are suffering and I really can't help but why don't you try the ask the expert on this website. Don't suffer in silence that's what tis site is for. Take care and good luck x

I feel your pain, I’ve had this too.

The itching has been a problem for me for a long time but I keep getting fobbed off with creams etc. 

I’m also waiting for a colposcopy following an abnormal smear. 

I’m hoping at this appointment I will find out what’s causing it. 


Hi Lovelies

I'm also having the itch problem down there and its been on going since October.. I had LLETZ done in June/July, my implant was replaced in October and it had started just before it was due to be replaced.

Again I'm being fobbed off with creams, they work but soon as the course is finished I'm back to square one.

I am awaiting a load of bloods to be done on Thursday so I'm hoping something might show up which could be the reason why.

But glad I'm not the only one who has HPV showing and the itch present.

Hello All, sorry to ask but have tou managed to solve the issue and find something wich works?