HPV is back…

Hello everyone!
I’m sorry if this may be a silly question, but today I have had the results of my smear test through which confirms I have HPV and abnormal cells, and need to go for a colposcopy… I had this before probably about 6 years ago, and luckily during my last smear tests it seemed to go away, however is now back? I have been with the same partner all throughout, and I am just wondering if this can come back as and when? Sorry if this is a bit of a silly question, I think I may have wrongly assumed that once it went your body had probably fought it off like any other virus. Sorry to ask and thanks for any help/support anyone can offer, I really appreciate it!

Hi @Toni

Its not a silly question to ask so dont worry :slight_smile:

Once you have HPV you will always have it, when we ‘clear’ it its not that we had got rid of it, its more that it has been pushed into dormancy, when its dormant its not active so it wouldnt be picked up on any test… it can come in and out of dormancy x

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No question is a silly question. I had this dilemma too. I am not an expert but from what i have learned HPV never really goes away. When it is active it is detected in smear tests and hpv testing. It can then become inactive and go undetected and then reoccur perhaps in times of stress such as menopause perhaps.

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Thank you so much for such a quick reply, I really appreciate your help and thank you for explaining this to me! I think I had gotten a little confused! Thank you :slight_smile: x

Thank you both so much for such a quick reply, I really appreciate your help & reassurance! Thank you xx

I posted something about this recently -


As above, I was told that you never really “clear” it and it can come back but as long as you keep up with your checks you should be fine :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! I just looked at your thread (sorry I didn’t see this before) and it’s explained it really well - thank you! That’s put my mind a bit more at ease as I was thinking I had done something wrong (I’m not sure why!). Thank you x