HPV in those with weakened immune systems

I wanted to make this post to reassure those who have underlying health conditions like asthma, diabetes and have also tested for HPV. I am 33 now, I was sexually inactive for nearly a decade, had asthma, anxiety and IBS. I started dating and was sadly assaulted. I picked up HPV and herpes. I tested positive in July 2021 (aged 31), my GP referred me for colposcopy at my request in Dec 2021 - no cells detected. The moment I tested positive, I started taking Turkey Tail, Cordecyps, Shitake, Reishi mushrooms, a multivitamin and I3C for 3 months from September 2021 to December 2021. I also optimised my diet and exercise. The pill burden was too much so I paused the regime but restarted AHCC in April 2022, it didn’t agree with me so I continued on my multivitamin and had lots of fruit and vegetables no refined sugars or processed food. I then opted for Papilocare gel for 21 days in June and took Turkey Tail off and on. I had my follow up colposcopy after 12 months and a small patch of cervitis was noticed, I panicked and bought more I3C, added curcumin and papilocare. I’m not sure what did it but I was most consistent with my multivitamin, I3C and Turkey tail (oral or vaginal gel). I was told I would have it for longer than 12 months but it was not the case.

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Which HPV type did you have? Because HPV 16/18 are hard to clear and cause most cervical cancers. Other types leave the body more easily.