Hi I am a 25 year old who just found out I was positive for HPV. I am scheduled for a colposcopy this month because my results were as follows:

Earlier this year I found out I also tested positive for HSV-2 which I read makes you 2-3 times more likely to develop cancer because it works with HPV

I am wondering how common it is to see abnormal cells in HPV results and with having HSV-2 is that concerning?

Thank you


I was told 12 months ago I had HPV positive on smear results . I was invited back for smear and the results have just come back and I have to go for a colposcopy.

I also have HSV-2 are they linked at all ? I can’t seem to see online If they are ?

Any help would be great . Xxxx

I wanted to attach what I have researched however the forum will not allow me to attach photos so I will copy and paste:

“ Women who have human papillomavirus
(HPV) infection of the cervix have a
greater risk of invasive cervical cancer if
they also have genital herpes, according
to a pooled analysis of case-control

“ also positive Tor HSV-2 had more than twice
the odds of squamous cell carcinoma found
among HPV-infected women who tested
negative for HSV-2 (2.2), and more than three
times the odds of adenocarcinoma or
adenosquamous cell carcinoma (3.4).
Compared with HSV-2-positive women who
had low-risk types of HPV, those who had high
risk HPV other than type 16 had 2.6-4.2 the
odds of invasive cervical cancer, and those who
were positive for type 16 had 4.0-6.7 times the
After taking into account a woman’s number of
lifetime sexual partners and her age at first
intercourse, HPV-positive women who were
also infected with HSV-2 still had nearly twice
the odds of squamous cell carcinoma as did
those who tested negative for HSV-2 (1.9).”

“ Genital herpes increases the risk of
cervical cancer - which kills thousands of women
every year – by acting as an
“accomplice” to another
common virus that commonly causes this cancer.
Herpes simplex virus-2, the cause of genital herpes,
was detected in nearly half of women with invasive
cervical cancer • - nearly twice as often as in
women without signs of cancer •, researches report
in a study published in the Nov. 6 issue of the Journal
of the National Cancer

This is again what I’ve found. Not too sure what strain of HPV I have but I have also read that 50 percent of cases with LSIL will be HPV 16

I read somewhere that having hsv -2 can allow hpv to enter and attack easier. Can’t find the article anymore unfortunately

Hi, do you have symptoms of hsv2? My understanding is that it’s fairly common to have hsv2. Hpv is also common. So there must be lots of people with both viruses but possibly lots don’t display symptoms and go undiagnosed.

Yes I do. I am constantly experiencing burning sensations as well as itching and what looks like lesions.

That is true I believe. I mistook it for a UTI when I found out

I have HSV2 and also tested HPV positive on my first smear test in March 2022. Like you I was researching all sorts on the internet and felt like a cloud of anxiety was hanging over me for the past year. I went for my smear test again 12 months later in March 2023 and have just received the results HPV NEGATIVE!!! I am so happy and relieved it’s unreal so don’t give up hope!! Xx

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