HPV High Grade

Hi , last week my smear test came back positive for HPV (high grade) with borderline cell changes. I have been referred for colposcopy in 2 weeks! To say I’m petrified is the least! All my previous smears have been clear, have had 1 sexual partner all my life.

Hi @Mela1

This result in no way indicates that you have cancer, borderline changes are very tiny changes and may or not even be related to HPV despite being positive with a high risk strain as cells transform on the cervix regularly thats why its called the transformation zone all your smear indicates is that the cells look slightly abnormal but arnt abnormal enough to be classed as dyskaryosis/CIN, at this point the colposcopy is just as a precaution as all smears that have abnormal cells regardless of the grade are sent for a closer examination

There isnt an exact rule when it comes to timeframes, although we do have the 2 week pathway for suspected cases, having your appointment that falls within the 2 weeks doesnt mean you have been put on the pathway or that they suspect you have CC it is just coicidental that you have been given an appointment when you have… smears come in the form of borderline, low grade, moderate or severe… borderline and low grade are usually monitored as they arnt actually classed as a true precancer, as i mentioned those changes may or not be caused by HPV so treating would be over treating and many of those changes more often than not have gone away on their own

Its alot easier said than done but try to stay positive, there isnt much comfort in torturing yourself trying to figure out how long youve had the virus for as it does lay dormant in the body making it undetectable on a test, before 2019 we wernt informed of our HPV status’s and it was only tested for if cells were abnormal so having previous clear smears doesnt necassarily mean you didnt have it then it may just be that it wasnt active or it didnt cause any issues whereas now its a first point test then they check the cells

I hope this helps and i hope everything goes well at your appointment:) xx