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im new here so bare with

so I was diagnosed in September with pcos. My diagnosis came about due to a number of symptoms I'd had in the months running up to it. These symptoms where extremely foul vaginal discharge, spotting between periods and pain during sex. I had a transvaginal ultrasound which gave me my pcos diagnosis, and I also had a smear test done. 

my smear results came back HPV positive in November 2020, last year I had a smear done in October 2019 which was also HPV positive. 

here's my concern...

I understand hpv is passed on by sexual contact. I have been with my partner for 3 years. My 2019 smear test was my first ever smear test as I am only 25. 

should I be concerned that I've actually had HPV longer? Like I said both my smear results came back HPV positive and I have been with my partner since March 2018 (so a year and a half before my first ever smear). 

my last smear was just hpv positive however I have recently started with back aches and aches at the top of my legs occasionally so am concerned I've had hpv longer and it has developed. Please any help would be appreciated 


Hey Mef,

Hope you had a nice Christmas.

HPV isn't just passed on through sexual contact it can be passed by any skin to skin contact. I had my first smear 3 years ago and was all clear/normal and had my second smear in October 2020 and came back HPV positive.

I've been with my partner for 8 years so I don't know how I got it but from what I've read it's very easy to pass on! 

Most people have it and don't know they have it, don't have any symptoms at all. Most people's bodies fight it and get rid of it by themselves.
With your HPV positive result did it come back clear for abnormal cells? I would assume so otherwise you would be being sent for further investigation? 

If your cells are fine and you are just HPV positive then I don't believe it's anything to be too concerned about. The aches in your back could be hormone related, work related etc. so don't read too much into them. You will have another smear done sooner than the average person to test you again for HPV and check your cells.

I'll check back soon to see if you've replied x


Thanks for replying. 

I wasn't referred for any further tests no. Just that I'll have to go back next year for my 3rd smear and then I'm assuming I'll go for a colposcopy if I'm hpv positive then too. 
I had an examination at the doctors around 4 months back she said she could see a dark area on my cervix so she referred me for a transvaginal ultrasound and to the gynaecologist where I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome however when I saw the gynaecologist and he did an examination he never mentioned seeing anything on my cervix. I do have very bad health anxiety so I do worry about these things x

Yeah I think after 3rd positive HPV then they will do further investigation but at least you have another smear at a year rather than 3 years.

Sometimes the doctor gets it wrong, which is why we are sent for extra checks (the ultrasound in your case) just to be sure. If the gynaecologist didn't see anything then I would take that as a positive.

Did you mention to the gynaecologist the dark patch your doctor mentioned? 
You aren't alone, I think we all have bad health anxiety especially when it comes to this. That's exactly why we are on this forum.

If you continue having side effects and they are really bothering you then perhaps go back to your GP and ask them if they can possibly refer you for a colposcopy as you are feeling anxious about the second HPV result and what they said before about the dark patch. 
I believe if you push hard enough then your GP will refer you. 



Hi wondering if someone has the same experience as me I had a 3mm cancer tumor taken away with good margins four years ago I've had smears every year and came back OK this one has came back hpv with no abnormal cells should I be worried that the cancer has spread or am I reading too much into it. I've had some bleeding after sex which has stopped now and also had backache under my ribcage and pain in my pelvis sometimes my feet legs and ankles swell too I'm not going to say I'm not concerned because I am but has any one had reaccuring cancer with just the hpv virus being present with no abnormal cells after already having cancer removed