Hpv help xx


I had my smear in September & my results came back inadequate, so I’ve waited 3 (long!) months for my retest & the results have now come back hpv positive with no abnormal cell changes but I need to wait 1 year for another test.

Those three months dragged to be retested & I was filled with anxiety & fear, the thought of waiting untill December just seems such a worry. Any little ache or pain I’m Googling over & over & looking at it is a possible cancer symptom. I know I sound completely over the top but it’s all consuming.

I’m taking vitamins to help my immune system fight this hpv, I run daily & eat healthy already. Just thought I’d put this out there to hope that I’m not the only one? I’d planed on another baby in 2022 but that’s now off the cards untill I get a healthy result. The thought of waiting untill December for any more answers just seems so hard … I just can’t switch off. :sweat:

Thanks for reading till the end anyway!!xx

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Lexie - if you have no abnormal cells then there is really nothing to be so worried about at the moment. You certainly should not be tormenting yourself with thoughts of cancer OR googling every little symptom. You and about 80% of the sexually active population have HPV - it can be dormant for years as well and it is thought can become active with stress. If you’re worrying yourself sick about it, that’s not going to help. Do talk to someone about planning a baby - maybe start with someone on the Jo’s Trust helpline, who will be able to reassure you. You have no abnormal cells - this is good. I would think this is a good time to have a baby.


Most important thing = NO ABNORMAL CELLS. You don’t have cancer, you are no-where near having cancer. You are in the worldwide HPV club, but are keeping healthy and fit. Positive thoughts are needed!


Hello, Jacks133 answered most of your questions and I just wanted to agree 100% with all she said and reassure you that you don’t have to worry HPV is so common that almost everyone will get it and most people get rid of it without realising, us women now get tested for it and men don’t aren’t we lucky Lol. Anyway don’t stress about it and no abnormal cells is the best news .


Try not to worry :slight_smile: I have had the same thing, my smears have been HPV positive, no abnormal cells, for the past three years. This is a good thing, as if you have three years of HPV positive tests, they send you to colposcopy to check your cells more thoroughly. If anything doesn’t look right, it can be dealt with quickly.

I had a colposcopy beginning of December and they took a few biopsies, just waiting for the results of those. The Colposcopist wasn’t concerned, and neither am I. The thing is, if smears did not test for HPV, and I do happen to have any abnormalities, these would have been missed, as I would never have been sent for colposcopy. We are now being kept a closer eye on, which is a relief, not a cause for worry :slight_smile:

Keep being positive, living a healthy lifestyle, and chances are your body will clear the infection. But if it doesn’t, you’ll be kept an eye on, just keep having your smears whenever you are referred.