HPV Genotyping Test - Worried & Confused!

Hi all,

I have recently found an old medical letter about a HPV genotyping test I had done in 2008 in Bucharest (where I originally am from).

I can't even remember what happened after that test, more than likely I was supposed to follow it up with my GP, but looking at the date on the letter, it must have coincided with my move to the UK... and have completely forgotten about it.

However, the test was Linear Array HPV Genotyping Test (Roche), and the result reads: HPV 39*, 53, 73. There is a short note at the end of the letter saying "HPV genotypes with high risk of cervical neoplasm".


I have googled the three HPV genotypes, and started to panic!

In the UK, I have been having smear tests regularly (once a year) for the last five years. The results have always been normal. As you can imagine, I was so shocked having read this letter..... 

Could you please guide me on how to go about this issue? Shall I just make an appointment with my GP and explain the whole story, or am I being paranoid? (I fear the doctor will say it is an old test that was not even carried out in this country).


Please advise!!

Thank you in advance.

Hi Joanna. It might be worthwhile seeing your GP if only to put your mind at rest. I do know there are lits of different strains of hpv (which all have different numbers!) e.g. some cause genital warts whilst others can increase the risk of cervical cancer. However having hpv does not mean you will automatically get cancer. Hpv can cause your cells to change & any changes need checking just to be on the safe side. Perhaps this is why you are seen every year for a smear as opposed to every three. Better to put your mind at rest & see the Doctor rather than worry. Good luck.

Hi Joanna,

It's great you're having normal smears even though an earlier test showed the presence of HPV.

You don't say if you're having your yearly smears done privately or on the NHS. If it's with the NHS, they have recently introduced HPV testing if a smear result shows any abnormalities. If it's done prviately you could request a HPV test, although it's more probaby more important that the smear is normal than that you may have HPV.

HPV is very common, most women come into contact with it at some point. Even though there are 'high risk' types it doesn't mean that HPV infection will lead to cervical abnormalities, in fact in many women their immune systems will get rid of the HPV infection without it causing any problems at all. This could well have happened to you.

Do have a chat with your GP or the doctor who takes your smears if you're worried though, it's always better to talk to real-life health professional rather than just rely on what you read on Dr Google (even though we probably all do have a look on Google, sometimes what we read isn't right in our situations). And of course keep going for your smears.

Take care.