Hpv freeeeee

Soooo after 2 rounds of Lletz I’ve just gotten my letter after my second 6 month follow up… no cytology, no evidence of HPV infection. Wooooooo living the #lowriskofcervicalcancer life.

It even says that in the letter. You know, without the hashtag.

I just wanted to share a positive outcome for those of you in a similar situation. For reference I am one of the many women who went years and years without going for a smear test. Then I ended up with a CIN3 result on my first ever test, had Lletz performed under local, still had evidence of precancerous cells further up into the cervix, and had to have a second lletz under general.

Suffice it to say I will be going back for my routine smears as soon as I am called.

Don’t do what I did and neglect your smear tests for like a decade. Maybe you’ll still need treatment, but maybe you’ll also catch it earlier and it will be easier to treat.

I have also subsequently gone for my Gardasil9 shots.


Congratulations, it’s a great news!