HPV for 4 years

The past 4 years I have been diagnosed with high risk HPV /slight changes and have never been offered any sort of treatment, I was just being called back a colposcopy every year and being told ‘everything looks fine and there’s nothing to worry about’ ….until I saw a different doctor for my colposcopy over the weekend and she was bereft as to why I haven’t been offered any treatment to try and clear it , I’m worried that if I had been offered earlier treatment years back I would not be in this situation and thinking the worst, has anybody been through a similar situation as I have and has everything turned out ok in the end?

How old are you and which HR-HPV type you have? Have you asked? It my be a different hpv type every time…

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I’m 35 and I’ve never been told what type i had in my letters, just to go for a colposcopy. And to be honest until I joined this forum which I’m so glad I did, I never knew they was so many types of HPV

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I see! You can call them and ask them and they will let you know. Also, if you are positive for hpv types like 16/18/45 with clean colposcopy for the past 4 years, an ECC or a loop is important to get done to exclude anything developing in the endocervical canal. Thus, you can request that once you know what type of hpv you have. It is your right to ask for more exams since you keep being positive. If it does not work, i am afraid you should go privately. I do go privately for health matters because public health in most countries is notorious for missing stuff.

It may be a persistent infection if you have been with a stable partner for years. If you have slept with a few guys the last 4 years without any relationship stability, then it may be you have gotten more HPV types. These things needs to be clarified with your doctor :slight_smile: Hope that info helps!