HPV fear

Hi everyone,


I used to be on the old forum, but haven't posted on Jo's for a number of years. I had a LLETZ for a large area of CIN in 2007 and have had clear colps and smears since :-)


However... a few days ago I found a lump in my mouth and I am absolutely terrified. I know this is probably not the right place to post but I didn't really know where to post. I have all my old fears of HPV coming back :-( I have made an appointment with the dentist for tomorrow and will see what she says. But have become a bit of a wreck over this lump :-(



Hey love

Although I dont have particular experience in this, I didnt want to read and run. I have had/have HPV which lead to CIN3 and I also get really concerned about it causing havoc elsewhere.

however I do think this is quite rare. how old are you? i know that oral cancer etc generally happens when you are quite alot older.


It is prob nothing but good on you for checking it out


fingers crossed for you


Cat x