HPV + & Dyskarosis

Hi everyone.

I’m 24yo and I have been recently diagnosed with HPV + and dyskarosis (December 2022) I feel as if I haven’t really been supported very well with the facts of what all this means. I have been unwell a lot last year with chest infections (needing antibiotics) and I’m asthmatic, just genuinely unwell every other month with colds and flu. Ended up having flu all over Christmas to the point I lost my voice!!

I also suffer with SD&A and went to my doctor for help with understanding it all and if I was able to be signed off work for a month to be able to come to terms with things and wait for my results and how I can help improve my immune system. At the time I was currently unwell too so I wasn’t making a unreasonable request!

I have been to the hospital 18th Jan to have a colposcopy and the nurse said no visual changes and took a biopsy. Still waiting on the results up to 4 weeks wait…

I just feel as if something just isn’t right with my body. My periods have been sporadic and there has been times I would bleed for 10+ days between changing from pill to implant last year.

I’ve been on the contraceptive pill for quite a while, since I was about 12 due to periods before changing to the implant last year.

I would’ve changed to the implant sooner but I was told to go from different kinds of contraceptive pills by doctors and that implant wasn’t recommended for what I needed til I was in a serious relationship…

SI can be painful and uncomfortable at times. I’ve noticed a lot of changing in my discharge within the thickness and smell… I’m constantly changing my liner as I just feel dirty otherwise :pensive:

Thanks for reading xx

I recently been diagnosed hpv and low grade dyskorsis. I am late twenties and also upset.

Sorry to hear you have hpv. I have been vaccinated against it and still have it.

Main thing is they have checked you for it,.

I am reading up on things to fight it, but it is also worrying too.

I am thinking that I should have waited till marriage - Anyways it is what it is.