HPV Dormancy

Hi everyone 

At 21 I had a private screening due to my sister having some problems, and it turned out I had abnormal cells and had a colposcopy with a small procedure of cell removal. 
I have since been clear and there's been no mention of HPV. I've been with my partner for almost 6 years and married for 3.5. I had a screening 3 years ago and it was clear. Today I've had a letter saying that I'm positive for HPV but no abnormal cells. 

just to caveat, my husband does get cold sores... but, I was negative three years ago. Can HPV have gone dormant in my system for 14 years and suddenly come back? Could my husbands cold sores suddenly have given me HPV in the past 3 years but not beforehand? I'm just a bit confused as to how I have it now when not for 14 years, and concerned as I obviously had issues before. 
I'm trying to not "go there" but I'm really hoping this can be due to dormancy or husbands cold sores suddenly being a factor. 
thank you in advance x

Hi ggt, 


You're correct. HPV lies dormant in our bodies from the point of infection and activates without our knowledge whenever it feels like (not the technical or medical terminology of course)!


There are over 100 types of HPV and your partners cold sore won't be the same strain as the HPV they test for during cervical screening. 


Just to be clear, I'm no medical expert. This is just, what I've learned via this forum, website and journal research articles over the last, few weeks. Xx