HPV+ diagnosed

So I got my smear test results on Friday (12 May), it didn’t help that they were delayed and I was already worried they were going to come back with bad news. Anyway, it came back positive for HPV but no abnormal cell changes (I’m trying to take the positives from that).

Needless to say, reading the results has devastated me. I literally burst into tears when I read the letter and have spent the last few days googling everything I can about it (I know, rabbit hole and all that).

I have read that yes it can clear up, but then I read on here people that have had it for years in a row and all the additional testing that subsequently entails. I am trying desperately to remain positive and not let this affect me, however I have one of those brains that goes to worse case scenario way too quickly. It doesn’t help that my mother has a hysterectomy when she was around my age (early-mid 40s) and whilst I don’t know the full details (she only ever said there were changes to her cervix so everything got whipped out immediately). I’m now thinking that I’m going to go down the same route. There is a family history of cancer (grandmother had breast cancer before I was born, and died as a result of bowel cancer, mother as mentioned had a hysterectomy due to cell changes and later died from pancreatic cancer) so now I’m worrying that this is going to be my path too.

I am reasonably healthy, I eat fairly decently (lots of fruit and veg etc), and I exercise regularly. I don’t smoke, I do drink occasionally but not to excess. I take vitamins etc so I would hope my immune system is in ok order.

Is there anything more I can do (apart from not try and panic etc). I just can’t help feeling that my body has let me down. I know this is unrealistic and that it’s likely I may have had HPV dormant in my body for a long time etc. I just have such an array of emotions right now and no one to really vent too (partner is supportive and tells me not to worry etc but his sister is currently battling breast cancer so don’t want to off load on him, daughter has a young child and is planning her wedding next month so again don’t want to burden her and I literally have no one else to turn to).

It hasn’t helped that almost all conversations I’ve been involved in this weekend has revolves around cancer so it’s almost like the universe is taunting me (again, I know that’s daft but my brain is incredibly daft at times).

Sorry for the rant, just need to get everything off my chest.

I strongly recommend you phone Jo,'s helpline; they were brilliant when I called them and it will help you to have somewhere to offload. Also vent and rant as much as you like on here!
A x


I had my first smear last year and it came back HPV+, I was worried for similar reasons to you (my nan was about my age when she was diagnosed with bowel cancer). As annoying as HPV is, the positive is that now you will get screened once a year, so if anything more sinister does appear you won’t have to worry as it will be caught really early, which given your family history is a great thing god forbid.

It’s very common and it’s not your fault, please don’t blame your body. Fingers crossed for you that by next year it will have gone!

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Hello, I am new to this even though I have had HPV now for 5 years. I just had my results back from my annual smear (taken 10 weeks) and it says high risk HPV and low grade dyskaryosis. I’ve had this the first time and had a colposcopy and biopsy. Now I need it again. I am so anxious that it’s not going away and my immune system is so bad I’m not fighting the virus off and it’ll only get worse and eventually develop into cancer.

I’ve seen a few of the messages on here and a lot of you are the same so it makes me feel better that I’m not the only one. But I suffer with health anxiety in general so this has just made me spiral as you can imagine even though I know it’s not cancer.

I’ve seen people say they take supplements, what does everyone take and do they work?

Chloe x

I have literally been reading about supplements and anything that can boost the immune system. Ironically a lot of the basic ones (vitamin c, vitamin d, b complex vitamins) I already take and have done for a while so not sure whether they are going to help (it doesn’t help that I don’t know when I got infected because my last smear didn’t test for hpv so I’ve no idea if my health stuff is working or not).

I have seen some posts about AHCC supplements but it looms expensive to buy and whilst I know you can’t put a price on health I don’t have the money to throw around on something that may or may not help.

I think for the time being I’m just going to try and eat as healthy as I can, lots of fruit and veg and limited processed foods and hopefully my body does what it should do.

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