Hpv detected..normal test results.

Just hoping for a bit of help on my recent results.


In January I had my first smear test, which came back severly abnormal, I went and had the coloposcopy and loop treatment, a biopsy was taken and It came back as cin111.

 Iv just had my 6 month smear, the letter says my cervical screening test was normal, but they tested the sample for high risk hpv and it is present so i need to go back for another colposcopy.


I'm a bit confused, I wasn't told about the test for HPV as far as I was aware they didn't test for the actual virus (I may be wrong there) but if the smear was normal why do I need to go back because the virus is present?


Also when I went for my 6 month smear the nurse was suprised by the shape of my cervix, apparently its gone back to the original shape, like id never given birth (gave birth naturally almost 6 years ago) she seemed rather suprised by this..dont know wether this would be a issue but I did see her typing it on my notes...


Just a bit confused as to why i need to go back to the hospital!


Thank you :)

Hi, I'm in pretty much exactly the same situation. 

I had a CIN111 removed two years ago and have had normal smears ever since. In the letter I received today it says that the smear is normal but that I have tested positive for high risk HPV (I assumed I probably did a while ago and that's why I ended up with a CIN111 in the first place!) and need another colposcopy. 

I know that the HPV test is something that they have brought in recently but I wouldn't have thought another colposcopy would be needed in poeple that have had previous treatment and now have normal smears. I thought maybe it was a mistake but usually the screening people are pretty clued up on what your results have been previously and what treatment you've had, so I'll just go along for a bit of peace of mind. 

Found this online, looks as though it is correct and even if you have no cell changes they will do another colposcopy simply if you are HPV positive. http://www.cancerscreening.nhs.uk/cervical/hpv-triage-test-of-cure.html

I must have read some outdated info on the tests, I suppose its a good thing that there testing for it now and although its not a nice examination atleast its more peace of mind been looked at again by a specialist. Congrats on your normal results and good look for the colposcopy


Thank you for your reply, put my mind at rest knowing its not just me been sent back to hospital! xx