HPV concerns

Hi ladies

That’s me just back from my lletz. Pleased to report you were all right, it is painless and over so quickly! Feeling ok now, bit emotional and back home resting.

What is worrying me a bit (I know, there’s always something!) is my diagnosis. I’m cin 2, but tested positive for hpv. When i asked the sister who was treating me about it, she was rather vague, they don’t know much about hpv, can’t tell if it will stay or go. I guess I’m concerned it will stay, and that it will lead to more changes. But is it present in most of us who have abnormal changes? If anyone can advise or reassure, I’d be so grateful. I keep on fixating on a one night stand I had before i met my current partner. We didn’t use protection and he was the sort of bloke that you really should use protection with! So I feel shame and anger to myself. But I guess it could have been anyone.

Well, I’m very glad it is all over for now and the sister seemed confident they had it all. So fingers crossed, and I’m going to give myself a break from worrying!

Thanks for all your support x x

Hi Charlotte,

My understading of HPV is that is it very common in the sexually active population. And that most people clear the virus by themselves through their own immunity.

I don't knoe if this mey help. It helped me to understand. 


Well done on going to and getting though your Loop. Hopefully you will get a clear smear next time and you will be discharged from Gynae!!

Good luck x