HPV concerned

Hiya I'm 29 (just) and I'm awaiting for a Lletz procedure under GA after CIN3 was discovered at my colposcopy, 


im seeing a great deal of ladies saying they've also tested positive for HPV I'm just wondering how you get this test? 

iv not been tested for it and I'm concerned I may have it Due to the CIN3 

is this something I would have to go private for? 


Thanks xx

Hi Hun,

I can’t really answer you question I’m afraid but didn’t want to read & ignore.

I was never told I had HPV but I think given that we have cell changes, it’s pretty much a given that we do! It all confuses me quite abit & I couldn’t help but dwell on it at first but From what I have read on this group & other pages, a very high percentage of people (men & women) will come into contact with HPV at some point hence why it is not routinely tested for on normal sexual health screening program’s.

Sorry I can’t be of much more help & can’t give you any more Info but hopefully somebody who is abit more clued up will comment.


Hi hun, quick reply as im at work. They only test mild dykaryosis or borderline smears, as these results may be down to other circumstances such as cervical erosion etc. so to determin if its  precancerous they hpv test them to divide the ones who need referring. Being the fact you have CIN 3 they know u need treatment as your CIN grade determins the fact of the hpv to an extent. I'm not diagnosing you by any means, just what Iv read and heard. Hope u r ok, take care xxx

I have been told I have one of the high risk types of HPV, though thankfully not 16 or 18 which are the worst to have. Have no idea why I was tested for it bu I also have borderling nuclear changes......

Hey how were you told which strain of HPV you had? x