Hpv colposcopy

Hello , 

My name Nique I am 26 years old . Recently I decided to visit a gyno because I have been getting BV a lot lately . I always get Pap smears on a regular and they are always normal . I usually will have BV or a uti but nothing other thank that. When I went to the gyno around three weeks I was told I had BV . My doctor said it might be from my bf (we have been dating for a year now) he might be throwing off my ph balance but nothing major. I recently received a phone call from the gyno I saw (well her nurse) telling me my pap smear results . She said my cancer cell came back negative but they saw a small sign of hpv . So now I'm all confused and worried . She also set me up for a colposcopy. Does the negative cancer cells mean my Pap smear was normal ? ive always had a normal Pap smears and if I have hpv I wasn't aware until now. I'm confused on what she means by there was little signs of hpv . And what is the colposcoy for ? I was told it was just to make sure everything is okay but the nurse rushed me off the phone so I couldn't get much answered. 

Hi Nique, 

its not unusal to be referred for a colp after detecting HPV infection. this is because HPV can cause abnormal cells and they are less likely to go away on there own then when you dont have hpv.

HPV can come and go in waves like a coldsore virus so that may be why its only just been detected - there are many strains of HPV too.

Barely detectable could mean you may have almost fought it off !

Lots of people have some sort of strain of HPV - they think around 80 percent. 

You colp apt is probably just a precaution. you are in safe hands try not to worry !

its good news that no abnormal or c cells have been found the colp will check that under a microscope just to be sure :)

hope this helps