HPV + & Colposcopy for a 3rd time in 3 years

Hi everyone,

Since turning 25 each smear has came back HPV+ and abnormal cells, so this has happened 3 times.

Each colposcopy and biopsy have always led to just a follow up smear in a years time.

I am just worried that the HPV is not going away itself and wondering if it is likely that treatment will be offered this time due it being the 4th time!

Is anyone able to give any advise or support

Hi @Carrieanne_b

does the biopsy keep returning CIN1 or is it not returning any abnormalities?

my results have mentioned CIN1, inadequate biopsy and changes of uncertain significant, each time I had been referred to a routine smear in a years time, I just feel I’m going in circles.

oh god, youve certainly been through the mill bless you… i would say it would be highly likely you would be offered treatment this time around, as there has been a persistence of abnormalities confirmed by biopsy… even the uncertain significance one, that usually means they have no idea whats going on with the cells, your cell changes may not be anything of significant concern each time but they have still been different to normal … if they dont i would request it for that peace of mind xx

Thank you so much for that!

You may not know the answer to this but if I’ve had borderline changes a few times, is that that they are getting worse or that they are the same as when i first had borderline changes? (hope that makes sense)

that usually means the cells havnt changed/theyve stayed the same, your immune system is keeping the virus under control not allowing it to progress the cells any further xx

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thats good to know! Thanks for your help! xx

your most welcome :slight_smile:

i hope everything goes well with your appointment xx

Hi, I had abnormal smears from 25 too. I’m now 30 and having my first treatment next week. I really hope this ends me having to go back every year; it’s so frustrating so I really feel for you. I’ve heard that after 5 years they usually just remove the cells anyway. Mine just got a little worse (CIN2) but my nurse did seem like she would remove them no matter the results.

It sounds like you have had a difficult time, does make you wonder if it ever really goes. I have my first colpscopy next week and feel very anxious. Going on my own and driving there. Had no warning about driving after the procedure, has anyone else?

You should be fine to drive afterwards @bluemoon theres no driving restrictions unless a GA or sedative is involved, they usually use a local if they need to take a biopsy or if they decide to do treatment at the time… you would be informed ahead of time if you needed someone else to drive xx