HPV Clear 6 months after Lletz


So, I had a lletz 6 months ago for cin 2.  It was horrible blah blah.  Had a smear test a couple of weeks ago, got a letter today saying that my HPV result was negative so they weren't testing for abnormal cells.

This worries me as at the smear test the Dr told me she could see I had cervical erosion again.

Does this really mean my cells are normal? Could I have cleared the virus after getting more cell changes?

Anyone else been told this?

Sophie x

Hi Sophie, I understand your worry, but cervical erosion is completely different to the abnormalities aasociated with precancerous cells caused by HPV. Cervical erosion isn‘t caused by HPV nor will it cause cancer. https://www.jostrust.org.uk/about-cervical-cancer/cervical-erosion-cervical-ectropion

Having a negative HPV result means you have either cleared the virus or it has become ‘inactive’, thus you shouldn’t have any further cell changes. Many women have this result and LLETZ is highly effective in clearing precancerous cells and HPV, so there shouldn’t be any further problems. So your result is really good news!

What I would advise is speak with your doctor about any concerns and to attend all future smear appointments.

Thank you! X

Hi ladies

I have a quick question as I had the results of my follow up smear today and it says no HPV and no further test required back to 3 yr smears.

However I thought you had a test for cure at 6 months and they tested both the cytology and for HPV?

I have googled and it does say this online ? Can I ask for this ?

Thank you