HPV, CIN1 diagnosed last year, found a lump

Last year I was told I had HPV and CIN1 but told to have another smear in a year. I have had awful periods for years and over the past 3 years or so have had a lot of clots (tmi sorry) with my periods. I was told to come off all contraception at the time as they thought this was part of the reason for my irregular bleeding and after years of thinking I couldn't have more children and having an appointment booked for a hysterectomy I happily found out I was expecting baby no3, 9 years after my youngest. Anyway the pregnancy was not the best time for me, I suffered terribly with pains in my pelvis and tummy but the docs didn't seem concerned with the fact I had CIN1 and had no checks on my cervix. My beautiful baby boy was born 6 weeks ago and two weeks ago I kept having what felt like an itch 'inside' so I had a feel and felt a small hard lump up inside which has never been there before. I understand my baby is still small so I will still be recovering but I can't help but worry the pregnancy may have accelerated the cin1. Anyone have any advice? I am trying to hold out calling the doc and just mention at my check in 2 weeks as I was told I would be having a smear anyway at 3 months post baby. Should I mention it or keep trying to forget it and see if they mention it. 


please please do not wait to call the dr. If you feel a lump get it checked out asap!!! I know that having a small baby is already a lot on your plate but this is your health. Do not wait. Just call. If it's nothing in the end then you will feel relieved. Would you wait if your baby had a lump somewhere???? No!!!! So go!!!

good luck

I have told my partner about it now and will be ringing the doctor tomorrow morning. Thankyou for your advice