Hpv, CIN 3 and infections

Hi I'm new to this but I have been reading a lot of people's posts and the support they get is fantastic, I just hope someone can relate to my story and can share their experiences so I know I'm not alone, so here we go.......

I'm 25 and went for my first smear in July this year. I had been asking for a smear for around 18 month due to pain, irregular periods and pain during sex. After having my smear I thought all would be fine and my symptoms remain a mystery but my smear had shown low grade abnormalities and tested positive for HPV, may I ad I discovered this during a routine asthma clinic so from the beginning my head was everywhere and didn't know what to think.

I received an appointment for the colposcopy clinic when she had taken a biopsy and sent it away for examination I waited what seemed the longest 2 weeks of my life and I received a letter for a colposcopy appointment on the 10th August to discuss my results and to get a date and sign for my surgery to go ahead under GA. My surgery was to go ahead on 19th August which all seemed to go well. My surgeon was lovely and very reassuring, I had LLETZ and a cone biopsy and 2cm of my cervix was taken away and 1.5cm deep, it didn't seem a lot to me but I was told quite a bit was taken away. I was sent home the same day only experiencing pain and bleeding which calmed down after a day or two. This is where the worst 2 weeks of my life happened. After managing pain with paracetamol and a hot bath I started to feel very unwell and experienced server vomiting and diarrhoea on the 23rd August which obviously increased my pain significantly I couldn't seem to manage it which lead me to have a panic attack, and as I suffer with server asthma my brother taken me to A&E where I was sent home with steriods for my chest. My health seemed to spiral out of control and just the general feeling of unwell, I was taken back to the GP on the 24th August where she said I had a virus. Nothing changed and on the 27th I went to the out of hours GP where they said I had sinusitis and was given antibiotics, it just seemed my body was so run down I was picking up everything. I religiously taken pain relief and my antibiotics and again nothing changed. On the 28th I started to bleed and my pain had started to get worse I just thought It was maybe a period, but how wrong was I.....

On the morning of the 29th I woke up soaked in blood and in excruciating pain I rang my GP where I was advised to right the gynecologist where I was then told to go straight to A&E, turns out I also had an infection from the surgery. I was so ill my body felt so abnormal, they stopped the bleeding but I was in hospital until the 1st September whilst they managed pain and put me on the 2 different antibiotics. Before I left the hospital my GP rang and told me the internal swab she had taken shown that I had a vaginal infection which I had before i went in for surgery but it just hadn't gone or come back. I know everything is little infections but it's just one thing after another. I'm at home now resting and taking a crap loads of Meds, I just wanted to vent and let it all out, because as everyone knows no matter how much some one says don't panic it's bloody hard not to. 

Has anyone else been through something similar to this? Is it normal for your body to be so run down? I'm still waiting for my results from my biopsy I had on the 19th and obviously can't think straight. I know all will be OK but the way I have been i can't help but panic and I feel I can't speak to anyone about it. I have a little boy who is 4 next week so I just want to be better for him, and I do have a very supportive family and they do ALOT for me but I don't think they quite get how I'm feeling. I also feel this has all put pressure on my relationship.

Sorry for the long essay i just hope someone can give me their insight in this and just that support of knowing what it is like. Thank you for listening and I really appreciate it.  

July 2017: abnormal smear CIN1 positive HPV

10th August : results from colposcopy, progressed from CIN1 to CIN3 

19th August: LLETZ and cone biopsy under GA

2nd September: Awaiting results 



Sounds like you have had a terrible time, Im sorry to hear that!

I had my colposcopy & Lletz 2 weeks ago at the same appointment, just had local anaesthetic and although I haven't experienced anything like you have, it hasn't been the most fun couple of weeks!

Im still bleeding although not too heavily, Ive been feeling generally unwell & run down, flu like I suppose with cramps still. 

I just want to get my results & get back to normal hopefully!

How are you feeling now xx

Sorry to hear, I hope you feel better soon! It's awful feeling unwell but if you are bleeding heavily take a trip to the GP. I had all the flu symptoms and as you read it had a ton of infections if it persists have a checkup. I bet that wasn't fun going for a colposcopy appointment and having LLETZ there and then. 

I know I feel for you, the wait and the not knowing is awful hopefully we will get them soon! 

I feel awful I'm not gunna lie and taking morphine for the pain just want normality, it's my son's birthday next week so determined to feel better.

Was it CIN3 you had the LLETZ for? 


You know what, I actually have no idea what the cells were!

I went for the colposcopy after borderline smear & HPV positive. The consultant gave me the impression when I went in that it was really only a formality, but that all changed when she had a look, she told me the cells were a lot worse than she expected & so she did a biopsy and removed them all with the Lletz procedure there & then. I had no idea that was all going to happen, I had been under the impression all along they didn't expect anything to be wrong!

To be honest, I didn't hang around to ask questions afterwards although I'm kicking myself now....I found the whole thing so invasive I was an emotional wreck & basically had to get out of there or I was going to affront myself and burst into tears! I made it to the car before I cried my lamps out....

From what I have read, they don't do Lletz for CIN1, so I assume the cells are CIN2 or CIN3 (or worse but I won't go there...)

Lets hope we get our results this week!! I'm trying not to let it take over my head, but easier said than done!

I hope u start to feel better soon, especially if there's a birthday coming up! 

Claire xx

You could maybe ring the colposcopy clinic see if they can answer any of your questions? But if your just waiting for your results I suppose they won't know yet. 

Thanks I hope your on the mend. Keepeach posted if you receive your results they should all be fine, but I understand your worry there is nothing worse 

Danielle x

Thank you, and please come back & tell me when you get your results! Isn't it amazing that one day everything's fine & the next you are catapulted into a world where so many ladies are going through different stages....a world I never thought of until now!

Good Luck xxxx

Hi Claire 

Have you had any news about your results?