HPV changes

Hi all im a newbie here :)

i had a colposcopy with bunch biopsies done may 14th,

recived the results today saying that ive got HPV changes,,im completely at a loss and havent a clue what this means?

basically just wondering if any one has had the same and what was the treatment, outcome like?

thanks laura x


Hi Laura

You must have had smear results that came back as abnormal before the colposcopy presumably. Your letter means that the biopsies showed up some kind of changes - normally they tell you what level (e.g. mild moderate or severe)

What they do next depends on the level of abnormality. If it's mild, they will most likely watch and wait as these often sort themselves out. If it's moderate or severe, they will want to treat it. I received an appointment for treatment with my biopsy results.

If they haven't  explained it too well, I'd give the colposcopy unit a call and ask them what it means, and what happens next

Good luck


Hi thanks for replying. I had my first smear test back in January which came back normal. I was referred to gynea due to bleeding irregular and lots of pains etc so had a hysterscopy done in march which came back all clear so they decided to do a colposcopy and then did biopsies and now I've received the results that I've HPV changes and need another colposcopy x

Hi again

Seems strange that they didn't tell you what the results of the biopsies were. HPV changes would indicate that you have the HPV virus present and that some cell changes have occured as a result. I did get told the level after my biopsies though (CIN2). You might find that they will just treat whatever it is that they have found at your next colposcopy.

Hope it all goes well - at least when you go back you'll know what's going on!

Yes the letter was very brief. Didn't no whether to give them a ring see if they could explain further x

I'd give the hospital where they did the colposcopy a ring. They should have been sent your results and maybe (hopefully!) received a better level of detail than you did.