Hpv & cgin

Hi, ive always attended my smears and all been normal until 3 years ago i had high risk hpv but normal cells then again year after but this year it came back positive with hg severe dyskaryosis! Was such a shock.

Went to my colposcopy and he told me i had CGin he cant do lletz there and then and would do it under general anaesthetic and sent me on my way. I was so shocked and worried didnt know what it was so googled and now im beside myself with worry as it didnt sound good, i have 2 young children and im so scared its going to be bad news. Ive not even got my appointment through so its more waiting!

I cant concentrate or relax. Id be willing to have a hysterectomy if need be as my family is complete & my priority is seeing my 2 grow up. Has anyone had treatment for cgin what was the outcome? Has it returned since?

Hi I had a letter last yet to say I had abnormal cell. When I went to the colposcopy clinic I was told I had CGIN. I had a Lletz under GA 2 weeks later. I then waited 6 weeks for my results and I had clear margins. Just had my test of cure and all clear. Another smear in 12 months. It’s a lot to take on I know. One of the things that helped me was knowing that I was in the best hands. The waiting was awful but this site was great with lots of answers. Hope that helps.


Yes that really helps, thank you. My last 3 smears were yearly due to hpv but no abnormal cells detected until this year im worried theyve been there years but not been picked up! The waiting and not knowing is so hard.

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Hi @Anonymous175, my story is very similar to yours. I had a smear earlier this year and after a long wait I received a call out of the blue from the colposcopy clinic looking to arrange an appointment within a 2 week time frame. I had never heard of colposcopy prior to the call so I was very shocked to learn the appointment was related to my smear. I had attended all of my previous smears and they were always negative. The smear result which I eventually received confirmed HPV, severe dyskaryosis and CGIN. After the call I was in such a state of shock and worry, not only for the possible treatment but also obviously for the big c. At colposcopy the doctor removed the cells via LLETZ. This procedure I found to be very quick and totally pain free for me. I had no pain afterwards, just a little mild cramping. However I knew that I couldn’t have exercised, and didn’t for about 4 weeks. I had some light bleeding/discharge (which really didn’t smell great!). To be honest it’s the emotional and mental impact the news and procedure had on me which was tough, along with the long wait for results. However I got through by reading as much as possible on this forum, to the extent that I felt a more positive about the outcome, and ready to face whatever might be. Despite worrying for the worst I was also aware that statistically speaking the majority of women get a positive result after the LLETZ procedure - for most people all cells are removed and they don’t need further treatment. And that is exactly what happened with me - all cells were removed and I shall have a test of cure smear in January.
I have two children too and had set myself up to be told that I might be offered a hysterectomy.
It’s certainly not unheard of with CGIN.
But in reality they aren’t going to do this unless you have no other option. If they don’t get all cells removed at the first LLETZ then you will most likely be offered a further LLETZ, and again this is usually successful for the majority of women. Good luck with your colposcopy and let us know how you get on x


@Andi thank you so much for sharing. Ive had my colposcopy but the consultant wouldn’t do lletz then as he said area was too large so i have to have general anaesthetic biopsy which has scared me even more as most people seem get lletz at the colposcopy. I just hope i get the biopsy appointment soon and its just cgin & they remove it all. Trying to stay positive but its hard to not go into what ifs and worst case scenarios!

Im glad you had good results with the lletz and hopefully your test of cure will be all clear too.

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Sorry I missed the fact you have had your colposcopy already, try to think positively (really difficult I know). Many women have a slightly bigger area needing removed and it’s just for your comfort that they perform it under general. I know they can’t be totally sure of results until they have the biopsy tissue, but at the same time the doctor/nurse has a fairly good idea whether it’s cancerous or not, at colposcopy, simply by appearance. We will have all of our fingers crossed for a successful outcome for you. Keep posting on the forum if you have any more questions or just need to air your worries and frustrations !

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