HPV cells bleeding

Hi Everyone

Sorry if this has been asked before but im just in some need of advice.

I tested positive for HPV in December last yesr but with no abnormal changes to my cells.

Since then I have been fine, no symptoms no changes etc until now (potentially)

I have PCOS as well, so my periods are very irregular or non existing at times and my last natural period was in March 22.

In the last two weeks i have felt one coming on, usual camps, cravings, headache etc but no period.

This morning after me and my parnter slept together last night i noticed very light pink colour as i had wiped, as the day has gone on it has got heavier like a period would and the cramps are worsening.

Last night during and after there was no pain or blood during or after. Just this morning but im not sure if it is just my long awaited period, i do normally have one in the middle of the month but with being so irrigular i cannot be certain.

My question is, for anyone who has CC was the bleeding straighaway, constant / like a period and also, can HPV with normal cells turn into CC within 12 months. Im waiting on my yearly check up so i should have that soon.

Thanks xx