HPV can it cause the white changes without CIN?

HI there poeple 

I went for a Colposcopy today, the colpsoscopy was absolutely fine and nothing other than a bit exposing. I am a little confussed however. I have had 3 boarderine smears and due to the new HPV test I have now learned I have HPV so was refered for A colposcopy. 

I was convinced I was going to be told that everything was fine and come back in a year for a smear,  but I showed a white patch and a few biopsys were taken. The consultant was lovely and she said her gut feeling was I would need to come back for the loop procedure in the new year.. My Biopsy results should be 2-3 weeks.. Just in time for Christmas!!! 

I have done a fair bit of research and understand CIN doesnt mean cancer and HPV is the leading indicator of potential FUTURE CHANGES. There is however a small question..??? Can HPV alone show the white changes? The consultant said something along the line of "my gut is you will need to come back in the new year BUT somethimes HPV can sqew the test and all may be fine"

I'm trying not to worry but almost a year to the day  my biopsy reusults are due my sister was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer.. It was a horrible time for my family and naturally anything realting to the Big C no matter how low the likelihood is a little sensitiv...

Any advice ladies appreciated ( ps excuse terrible spelling )