HPV but inadequate cellular material...

Hi, I recently had a Colposcopy at the hospital where I work as they were offering staff who were overdue a smear test an appointment. The Nurse said she was pretty sure she could see changes. I had the results this week which are: High risk HPV with inadequate cellular material" I have been booked to go back and have a further test in March (3months after first one) but I am not sure what this will be to check?? The Nurse kept telling me that HPV goes away on its own and everything I have read says that you would normally be checked again at 1 year… what else could the cells show? She made me feel really rubbish when I called to ask this today and said I need to stop worrying about it but I work in Cancer services and naturally worry; even though I am aware that HPV does not mean cancer. She told me originally that although she could not make recommendations she would not advise starting to try for a baby as we were planning to do in January as if I needed treatment they would not be able to offer it so I asked if I should still hold off on this plan and she just said “I can’t help, up to you.” So now I really don’t know where I stand or if part of me should still be a little concerned… Thanks

Did you have biopsies? I’m not entirely sure, but it sounds like they didn’t get a good enough sample to check the cells for abnormalities, but they can see that you have HPV. Maybe that’s why they want you to go back, to check the cells again as the result is inconclusive?

Hi Emma! No… they asked me but I went during work and freaked out and said I would leave the biopsies; silly really and I know I shouldn’t have said yes. So it could be HPV but something else too??

It sounds like they just didn’t get enough of a sample to check your cells so they just need to try again :slight_smile: I had some biopsies last month, it’s not pleasant but it’s not that bad at all

Thanks Emma… I think I was just worried that it could still be something else if they need tk recheck when already had the HPV confirmed. Will just concentrate on getting the next appointment done. And stay on pill etc. for now