HPV - Anxious about sex

I’ve been in a long term relationship for 20+ years. In 2012, I had a LLETZ treatment for CIN3. The following few years my smears were normal but that was before they started testing for HPV. 2022 tested positive for high risk HPV and same again in 2023 with borderline changes so was referred for colposcopy. They couldn’t see my cervix properly and ended up doing a LLETZ in December to obtain a biopsy which came back clear. I know there’s a chance the LLETZ will have cleared the HPV and I’ve also been doing everything I can to clear it naturally aswell. I’m just so worried about having sex again with my partner in case he still has it and passes it back to me if I have cleared it. I’m going to do a Superdrug test in a few weeks. Does anyone know of a private test for men? I know even if I have cleared it, it could still resurface without sex if my immune system is low but there’s obviously a higher risk if my partner is still HPV positive. I can’t believe men aren’t routinely tested when it’s something which can affect their health aswell.

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