Hpv and treatment for cell changes

Hi guys- so here’s my story and I was just after any advice/reassurance and would love to know anyone else’s experiences.
Back in 2018 my smear came back as borderline changes and hpv positive, colposcopy came back fine- no treatment. 2021 smear came back low grade changes and hpv, colposcopy said no treatment required, go to yearly smears. 2022 moderate cell changes and hpv- colposcopy said treatment was needed so had loop procedure. Hpv treat came back as high risk. I’m now waiting 6 months for my next smear and was just wondering if it’s possible to clear hpv in this time. It’s been going on for years now and stresses me out every time I have a smear- constantly at the back of my mind. Any advice or similar stories would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Sallym

I had my first positive in 2020 also borderline changes, my colposcopy was CIN1 so i had a 12 month follow up which returned another positive this time low grade changes, I ended up needing a LLETZ/LOOP treatment (mar21) when the colposcopy biopsy upgrade the low grade changes to CIN3 and my follow up smear in september was a HPV- result… there is every chance you will also get a negative, its not known how but for most people it can give the immune system a little kick and it will start combating recognising the ‘infection’

All HPV strains, low and high risk take the same amount of time to clear on average it takes 1-2 years but for some it can take longer or less, researchers looked at 10 of the most prevalent types… after first testing positive 36% still persisted after 6 months, 20% persisted after 12, 13% persisted to 18 months and 9% persisted the 2 years, leaving 5% who take that little longer… even if it takes that little longer to fight it, it doesnt mean you wont, it may not seem like it now but there is a light at the end of this tunnel :purple_heart: xx