HPV and steroids - Fertility treatment mentioned

Hi all,


I'm wondering if anyone can help. I'm having fertility treatment IVF and have had several failed cycles :-(


There's a possiblity that I may have "immune issues" and the treatment for that is steroids and immune system lowering medication.  Last year I found out I still had CIN I aafter treatment years ago. Does anyone know anything about taking steroids and the risk of the dysplasia getting worse? Also, if I were to do the immune treatment would the colposcopy clinic want to keep a closer eye?? The IVF and colposcopy clinics are two seperate hospitals and I don't think either knows much about the other issue.

We would love to have a child but it feels all very complicated and I'm not sure how much of a risk I'd be getting into (and I'm not sure the doctors know either!)



If you have any experience, advice or anything I would be so grateful.


Jess xxx