HPV and Sex

I have high risk HPV.
My doctor mentioned that my boyfriend and I might be passing it back and forth between us, so we should use condoms.

I'm confused.

Does HPV go away on it's own? How long should we wait? Do we have to spend the rest of our lives using condoms?

Should I tell my ex?

Any info very much appreciated! 

Hi Sam - Im in the same boat as you I have hign risk HPV too. I spoke to my practice nurse about this today - should I tell my boyfriend? She said that virtually everyone who is sexually active has come in contact with HPV at some point in their lives - its that common. For most people they dont even know theyve had it cos their body clears up the infection without them even knowing. HPV however, for some people, the body does not clear it and it lies dormant (sometimes for years). Having a good healthy life style, maybe taking vitamins and definitely not smoking helps the immune system fight off the HPV.

As far as Im aware from reading the fact sheets here, wearing a condom will help but not entirely. The virus lives on the scrotum, anus and around the vulva too so a condom can reduce the risk of passing it but not completely. The nurse told me today that HPV can also be passed thorugh, as she put it, a quick fumble down there too! It doesnt take full sex to be passed.

I was told that there is no need to tell ex partners or indeed current partners because its so common. Of course that is your personal choice - just make sure you have all the facts at hand when you do.

Good luck Sam and know that you certainly are not alone!

Lily x


21.05.13 routine smear showed insufficient cells

05.09.13 repeat smear shows abnormalities and high risk HPV + candida infection

23.10.13 scheduled colposcopy exam