Hpv and severe dyskaryosis

Sorry, I can’t help but laugh at your suspicious cervix. Was it loitering somewhere it shouldn’t?

What is the cold coagulation like? I have had LLETZ but been advised I need to have it again… it wasn’t a great experience the first time around, to put it mildly.

I think they write “suspicious cervix” when they see something abnormal during a smear test. It didn’t help calm my nerves when I turned up for colposcopy and that’s what I saw on the computer. The cold coagulation treatment went better than I thought. I was dreading the local anaesthetic but I was so surprised I didn’t feel the needle. It was a strange feeling, period like cramps during the treatment but no pain where you would expect it to be. I’m going back for my 6 month follow up soon and if I still have abnormal cells I’ll be heading down the Lletz route. That scares me. I was told I can only have cold coagulation treatment once.

You poor thing having to go for round two of Lletz but hopefully next time will be a better experience for you. Was it painful or just not a great experience in general? Everyone on here seems to have different experiences of it.

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Thanks for the insight. Just got my letter so it’s LLETZ #2 for me on 26 July.

It wasn’t agonising or anything. The speculum was actually the worst thing for me physically but then I haven’t had children or any other procedures there or anything. The anaesthetic stung a tiny bit and the LLETZ itself was just odd and uncomfortable. Psychologically/ emotionally though I found it really difficult. Afterwards as well I had this weird sense of wrongness. It’s hard to explain. Overall I would say that it was one of the more unpleasant experiences of my life but at least half of the unpleasantness was emotional.

At least you’ve got a date now. Best of luck with it. I haven’t had children either so it’s all a bit embarrassing at colposcopy.

So, got my appointment this morning, to say I’m so scared is an understatement, feel sick and can’t stop shaking, heart is beating 10 to the dozen, will let you know how I get on :pensive:

Best of luck Lou. You will be fine. Deep breaths etc.
Hopefully you’ll feel soooo much better in a few hours.
Let us know how you get on xxx

Good luck and prayers sent your way! You will be okay :slight_smile: let us know how it goes!

So had it done. Was in a right state. They did want to do the treatment there and then but cuz of how bad I was they just took biopsy’s. Have to have the lletz treatment but there putting me to sleep to have that done. I don’t know why I was so worked up and upset, the colposcopy was fine, didn’t really feel anything apart from a little pinch when they did the biopsy. Got a few cramping pains but not major. The nurse said that nothing has changed from what it said on my smear results, so thats good. Just got to wait for an appointment, have that done then have a smear in 6 months. Thank you for all your support everyone xxx

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Congrats on getting it over with finally! I had the whole thing worked up in my head so much also and was so relieved at how quick and easy it was. I also had some cramping and very light spotting for 1-2 days but after that was fine :slight_smile: I have to have LEEP procedure also soon, so our timeline is about the same.

I’m so glad your appointment went well!


I’m so glad that is over and done with. Yer think we’re on the same wave length. I think there telling me to be put to sleep cuz of how bad I was today, so would make it easier for them. Just don’t understand why they said to do the treatment today but then say no we won’t do it it today. Hope your procedure goes well xx

I know here where I’m at they typically don’t do the treatment on the same day. They do the colposcopy/biopsies and then once they come in with the results they go from there with the best treatment options. Every time I get on here and read of people doing it same day I’m a tad jealous because I would to have it over with already and be done with it you know? But I understand the concept of having biopsy results first too.

My gyno mentioned he does the procedure under local or general anesthesia. I’m not sure what route I will go yet, but If I was a betting gal I’d say maybe they offered you that option straight away because of how nervous you were about the procedure? I know quite a few women here wanted preferred general so they wouldn’t remember any of it! Does seem like a good idea depending on how nervous you are :slight_smile: either way, glad to hear you are doing well now!

Hi ladies
But if background HPV positive with severe dyskaryosis. Previous smear 6 months earlier was HPV positive with no abnormal cells… so all a bit of a shock.
I had my Lletz on 7th July…. A lot of bleeding afterward but was due a period 2 days later… I finally stopped bleeding Friday… so thought it was my period.
In the shower last night… sorry if this is TMI I thought a scab fell out?! Since then heavy bleeding has returned with some tummy pain.
Any ideas?

Hi there

I’ve never posted or replied on here before but I have to say it’s helped a lot just reading in the back ground.

I had exactly the same and I was dreading the coloscopy. It ended up being ok and although the waiting is the worst part you will get through it. I didn’t feel my biopsies if that helps I was to busy looking at the screen and my cervix thinking whattt is that?

I’m due to have my loop next week under GA not really sure why but I’ve my pre op tomorrow.

I’m scared but I know it’s best to just get it done.

I’ve really struggled with the HPV and I have told a small few and it seems as it’s classed as dirty and I’ve really felt shame.

I hope every thing goes ok for you. I’m sure it will



Hi Jens39

Just wanted to say, I had loop done at my colonoscopy appointment, but then got told in my results that I needed to go back in to have another loop under GA, I was told the reason to have it under GA was due to having to go in a bit deeper and it wouldn’t be comfortable for me doing under the numbing like previously. I also think it’s to help them and so you don’t move. In the end they changed the procedure 2 days later and I ended up having a knife cone biopsy 2 weeks ago, which from what I have read is not very common procedure.

With regards to the GA - you should be fine, the procedure shouldn’t take long and it’s likely you will be out on the same day.
Just make sure of you can you take a few days off (if you work) to rest and recover as the GA can take it out of you and you may find that you need a nap or 2 during the day.

If you have any questions feel free to message me.

Hi there,

Thank you for replying. I had my pre op today and all ready for Monday. My jobs physical so not really sure when I’ll be back in I’m guessing 2 weeks maybe.

How are you feeling now? I think I will just be relieved when it’s all over.

Thank you again x

I would say you will probably want a week off if not 2, but the doctor should be able to advise. I just wouldn’t rush in your recovery as from what I’ve been told where isn’t internal, you can’t tell/see how well/quickly it’s recovering. I know exercise wise I have been told 4 weeks - can do light (walking) only for now - so for me that has been hard as had to stop after my 1st procedure and then started again to have to stop!

I’m not feeling to bad - still feeling a bit tired a lot easier than before but think it’s the not sleeping great and worrying/overthinking whilst waiting for the results, hoping to hear next week but knowing what the NHS is like at the moment it could be longer.
I’ve been having some cramps on and off since it but I know that’s part of the recovery. I’m due on next week so that’s going to be interesting.

Good luck for Monday.

Morning everyone, how are you all? So had my pre-op on Monday and operation is next Tuesday. I am so scared it’s unbelievable. There putting me to sleep to have it done as I had a panik attack when I had the biopsies done. I’m hoping they will give me the gas mask instead of the needle to put me to sleep as have a really bad phobia of needles. They put it in my notes on Monday. Anyway, will let you all know how it goes x

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Is this for your LLetz? I can totally emphasise with how scared you are. I had a GA when I had a hysteroscopy in August. I’d never had one before so I was terrified. They performed a Lletz at the same time. It was actually fine, you’re completely oblivious and when you wake up it’s all over with without the discomfort and anxiety of the procedure. The procedure only takes 10/15mins so when you wake up you’ll feel so relieved. x

Hiya, yes it was for the lletz. I’m just so glad it’s over and done with now. Got to go for a check up in 6 months and just got to wait for my results. Fingers crossed it will come back fine now. I was so scared on the day. But relieved that I was put to sleep so had no recollection of what was going on as I think I would of panicked. There not nice but atleast it is over with (for now) just worrying about the results. Doctor said it can take upto 4 weeks to get them :unamused: x