HPV and possible endometriosis/adenomyosis

I’m currently being investigated for endometriosis and adenomyosis and I’ve been in a lot of pelvic/ovary/lower back pain on and off since starting treatment for the above last year.
Today I got a letter to say I’ve tested positive for HPV but with no abnormal cells and I’m wondering if the pain etc is linked to HPV and not endo.
I’m really confused and haven’t stopped crying since getting the letter :pensive:

Dear Linz_16,

Please don’t panic about the HPV! HPV itself is not painful - you will not know you have it without a test. You have no abnormal cells which is super - there’s a good chance your body will clear the virus on it’s own - most people do. Your pain will definitely be related to the endometriosis and adenomyosis and please don’t hesitate to talk about pain management while you’re being treated for this. Don’t give yourself a hard time in addition about something that doesn’t exist. You don’t have cancer. X

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Hi Jacks133

Thanks so much for your reply.
I really appreciate it x

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