HPV and No previous partners


I’m hoping someone can explain this to me? 

Currently waiting for my smear results and lots of people I know are being diagnosed with HPV, a common virus. 

Am I silly in thinking that because my husband and I have only been sexually active/contact with each other (met as teenagers) that I wouldn’t get HPV? 

Is HPV something you develop naturally or only from sexual contact/activity? 


it,s not something you develop naturally but it's surprisingly easy to get you dont not need full sex to get it touching or rubbing genitals is enough or oral sex as me and my husband are the same as you but he had a drunken blow job before we met witch he is really upset over .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    but some times sexual abuse can be the reason it is also possible but rare for women to get it at hospital giving birth have they said you have HPV or are you just worried?

No I’m not expecting to get it but a friend of mine has it and I jokingly said “I’d divorce my husband if I ever got it” and she was totally surprised as she believed it was something everyone and anyone can just develop, so it got me thinking is she just trying to make me feel better incase I’m ever diagnosed or has she been ill informed of HPV and it’s something that very well could happen to me. 

Thank you for clearing it up, so much info online but sadly not much info for relationships where there has never been any sexual activity or contact  with other people! I can only imagine this could be very damaging to marriages :(

HPV is the most commonly sexually transmitted infection in the US but it is actually transmitted through skin to skin contact. However, obviously the skin needs to come in contact with the infection, you couldn't get it just from holding hands, one infected area (usually genitalia) comes into contact with someone else's genitals or throat/mouth.

This article explains it well I find: https://www.plannedparenthood.org/learn/stds-hiv-safer-sex/hpv