Hpv and no abnormal cells

Hi I’ve just had my 3rd hpv positive result back with no abnormal cells . I’m about to start a new relationship but just don’t know wot to do .

There’s a great page about the HPV virus on Jo’s Trust:


It is so common that it really isn’t an issue for a new partner, especially if that partner is male - but there is a general ignorance about it in the population (still) even though girls are now routinely vaccinated against HPV showing how common (and ease to catch) it is. The important thing is that you’re able to talk to your new partner (male or female) at some point because the fact that your body is not throwing it off means you do need to be checked regularly, and this matters to you, and one should be able to talk to one’s partner about things that matter to us.

By the way so pleased to know you have no abnormal cells - long may that continue!

Thank you for the reply , really appreciated.

Hi, I had HPV on my smear every year from 2014. I was told repeatedly that the body will
Clear. It was a real worry for me and I always worried about it developing. I did some research in 2020 after yet another HPV diagnosis, I just couldn’t understand why it wasn’t going. I read articles about boosting the immune system. In particular mushrooms (pukka mushroom gold) and methyfolate, Vit C, B-12 and turmeric. I bought all these from Holland and barratt and took them religiously every day! Alongside a green tea capsule. I also started drinking more water and eating a better. I Am happy to say I went for a private smear in April and it was negative for HPV. I then had an NHS smear in August and that has also come back clear! I am So relieved to have finally cleared it! It may be a co incidence but I do think by boosting my immune system I have helped to clear this . X


Hi , Thank you for this information . Anything is worth a try . Finishing my gym session and then straight down to Holland and Barratt . I’m glad you’ve got the all clear now x


Sorry can I ask how long did you take the vitamins before being tested again x

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I took them religiously for 6 months, it may be a co incidence but I really believe it helped me clear it as I’d tested positive every year since 2014. Good luck. It is expensive to begin with but worth it. In particular, the pukka mushroom gold is pricey. Folate is a big part too but needs to be methylfolate (1000mcg) as your body will absorb it all. Lots on the internet if you google it. I took one tablet of everything! x

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Ok ok my love thank you . Anything’s worth a try xx